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UV sterilizer for tattoo machines

UV sterilizer for tattoo machines is an indispensable tool in a professional tattoo studio. It will be great for additional disinfection, so you can be sure that your studio maintains the highest standards of hygiene and professionalism.   

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Thanks to ozonation and a UV lamp placed on top of the sterilizer, it is possible to instantly disinfect the PEN tattoo machine and its accessories. In addition, there is an option to detach the lamp, which also allows manual disinfection.  

The sterilization time is only 6 minutes, making the process fast and effective. A 360-second countdown appears on the sterilizer's screen, indicating the remaining time. When the cycle is complete, the sterilizer automatically shuts off, ensuring not only effective disinfection, but also energy savings. The sterilizer must be held horizontally for it to work properly, opening the lid or tilting the lamp will stop the process. 

The UV sterilizer is not only a guarantee of safety, but also a convenient and easy-to-use tool that integrates smoothly into the daily practice of a tattoo studio. The device's stop option also allows you to adjust the sterilization time to suit your individual needs.  

Cleaning: Do not clean directly under water. Wipe with a wet towel.   

Dimensions: 235*131*80 mm  

Weight: 365 g  


  • UV steriliaztor  
  • USB type A cable 
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