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Professional hydraulic tattoo chair PRO

Hydraulic PRO Chair is a functional cosmetic chair, which is distinguished by multi-level adjustment. Thanks to this, it will be perfect especially for any professional tattoo salon. It provides your clients with unparalleled comfort, and you with greater freedom of work.   

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524.75 €
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524.75 €
(incl. 98.12 € tax)
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The PRO tattoo chair is distinguished by the ability to adjust many elements. Adjusting the angle of the back support alone, gives you the opportunity to adjust it on an 11-step scale. Using a hydraulic lever, you will independently adjust, among other things: the height of the seat or the angle of the footrests. You can manually adjust the angle of the armrests, and when you are comfortable working without them - you have the option to remove them, as well as the foot support element. The 360-degree rotation with a brake lock will make it easy for you to find the perfect working position.   

The tattoo chair should also be comfortable for your client. Thick cushions, made of flexible foam, ensure comfort during long tattoo sessions. A removable cushion with an opening for the face will make it easier to perform treatments. The upholstery of the chair is made of high-quality organic leather, which is durable and passes the test very well in all kinds of cosmetic furniture. It is easy to keep clean and performs well in places where many cleaning and disinfecting agents are used.     

Technical specifications:    

- Hydraulic cylinder that rotates around its own axis   

- Seat height: 75 - 85 cm    

- Length: 135 - 195 cm   

 - Width: 65 cm    

- Weight 62 kg 

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