Kwadron Cartridge System 0,35mm SEMMT - Medium Taper - 1 pc

The highest quality Kwadron 0.35mm SEM Soft Edge Magnum Medium Taper cartridge. The curvature of the needles in this cartridge creates what is known as a haze when shading, i.e. a more intense color in the center and a shadow cast on the outside. Ideal for creating tonal, smooth transitions, fading effects and the like. Medium Tapered needles are used to create thicker, wider, more old-school lines, allowing more needle-to-skin contact to push more paint under the skin.

One box contains 20 cartridges, price on a page for a single cartridge.

  • Manufacturer: Kwadron
  • Product code: CKD612-11
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1.85 €
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Kwadron Soft Edge Magnum Medium Taper

Because of their "curved" shape, curved magnums allow the tattooed colors to blend seamlessly without creating a marked edge of color. This effect is perfect for creating a blurred background, a photographic bokeh-like effect, blending and blending colors with a soft transition. With Kwadron Soft Edge Magnum you will make the edges of the image "blur" on the skin, instead of being outlined.    

What size of cartridge Soft Edge Magnum should you choose?

If you are wondering what size Quadron Cartridge Soft Edge Magnum you should choose, we have a hint for you. As a general rule, you should use the largest magnum that the tattoo you are doing will allow. If you choose to use a small magnum to cover a large area, it will be more difficult to get a uniform fill or smooth transition. For example, if you use a size 7 magnum to fill an entire tribal style sleeve, it will take forever and cause unnecessary skin damage to your client. If you do a colored background, the color application will be uneven and cause uneven healing of the tattoo. If you intend to fill in large areas of skin, use a larger magnum, our range includes the Kwadron Soft Edge Magnum Medium Tapered in configurations as large as 35/25 for really specific filling and shading.  

Tattoo needle sizes make all the difference.

Magnum will allow you to quickly fill a large tattoo area with color. Using cartridges with a 0.35 needle size ensures even faster penetration of color under the skin, thus filling larger areas of skin with color in a short period of time. If you need to indent or fill an area with uniform color the 0.35 medium taper is an excellent choice.  

Kwadron Cartridge System

One of the fundamental factors that led to the creation of KWADRON cartridges was the desire to provide a product with the highest qualities of use and, above all, the highest quality unattainable by other brands. Using professional knowledge and experience, following trends and listening to tattooists, we created cartridges perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers. Cartridge Kwadron is the undisputed leader in the world.   

What Kwadron Cartridges are made of?

The highly advanced and automated technological process used in the production of KWADRON cartridges ensures that each cartridge is equally perfect. Our cartridges have a unique needle stabilization system that ensures their durability and optimal performance. The cartridges' housing is made of medical-grade plastic, which has reduced friction between the needle and the housing to a minimum, while the needles themselves retain their sharpness. Thanks to all these features, Kwadron cartridges are extremely precise, with stiff and focused blades. Ideal for any technique, style. Achieve more with Kwadron cartridges

Soft Edge Magnum
0.35 mm
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