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Wireless permanent makeup machine Sona Sky® from Kwadron. Ergonomic and perfectly balanced, lightweight and sleek. It features innovative technological solutions such as Needle Jump Start®, Voltage Stabilization System®, and Ergo Grip Comfort®, enabling stable, uniform, and precise work, even during longer sessions. Equipped with an additional power module and RCA connector. 

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670.35 €
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Introducing the Sona Sky® wireless permanent makeup machine from Kwadron. In crafting the Sona Sky, we've spared no effort to ensure it meets the needs of PMU artists. 

The innovative solutions implemented in the Sona Sky ensure effortless, stable, and consistent operation even during extended pigmenting sessions. Featuring technologies like Needle Jump Start®, Voltage Stabilization System®, and Ergo Grip Comfort®, the Sona Sky is an exceptional tool offering boundless creative possibilities. 

One of the lighter and sleeker wireless machines available, the Sona Sky's ergonomic design provides perfectly balanced weight distribution, guaranteeing excellent work comfort. Recommended for all areas of pigmentation and all skin types. 

The kit includes:

Sona Sky wireless permanent makeup machine

Two power modules (batteries)

RCA Adapter 

RCA cable  

USB cable for charging the power module

Wireless with interchangeable power module and RCA connector  

Backup power module + RCA connector. Conduct long pigmenting sessions without a cable, and if needed, you can also connect the machine to the power supply. 

ErgoGrip Comfort (EC) 

The ergonomically designed grip system enhances precision and reduces hand strain, even during prolonged and intensive use, ensuring that working with the Sona Sky machine is more precise and comfortable. 

Voltage Stabilization system (VS) 

The voltage stabilization system ensures consistent device performance at every stage of its usage, regardless of the battery charge level. The machine only shuts down when the battery voltage reaches its minimum, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation. 

Needle Jump Start (JS) 

The enhanced start-up system ensures precise and uniform skin puncturing from the very first moments of device operation, regardless of the skin type you're working with. The JS technology guarantees seamless cartridge activation, ensuring smooth start-up with every use. 


Stroke - 3.0 mm

Weight with power module (battery) - 110g

Power supply-700 mAh

Dimensions-137.5 mm x 23.5 mm

Working time to-4-5h


Needle extension adjustment-0-5 mm

Total vibration value-max 2.5 m / s2

Charging - 5V USB-C

Operating voltage-4.5-12 V

Handle diameter-19mm

3.0 mm
Working time
adjusting the needle extension
0-5 mm
Total vibration value
Charging time
Working voltage
Handle diameter
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