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The wireless INOX PRIME RUNIC IMPERA tattoo machine is a professional tool designed for specialists. A large battery capacity and adjustable needle stroke allow for working with any technique, ensuring maximum comfort and reliability. 

  • Manufacturer: Inox Prime
  • Product code: KWMV01
  • Status: Available
262.25 €
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262.25 €
(incl. 49.04 € tax)
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INOX PRIME RUNIC IMPERA is equipped with an adjustable needle stroke of 3.8 mm. It is perfectly suited for various techniques and styles of work. It excels in creating lines and contours, as well as shading or creating smooth gradients. The smooth operation of the machine helps you achieve maximum precision and control even during demanding sessions. 

The machine is equipped with a high-quality battery that provides up to 10 hours of work on a single charge. This allows you to work for long hours without interruptions. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your work with INOX PRIME RUNIC IMPERA. 

The solid construction made of high-quality materials ensures durability and reliability in any conditions of use. This wireless tattoo machine is a reliable partner for every professional in the tattoo industry, regardless of their level of experience. Choose INOX PRIME RUNIC IMPERA to enhance the quality of your work. 

Technical data: 

Stroke: 3.8 mm 

Machine type: Pen 

Power type: Wireless 

Weight: 179 g 

Operating range: 4.5 - 11 V 

Working time: 7-10 h 

Grip: 30.5 mm 

Machine type
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