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Professional Electric Tattoo Chair Tadoo Uni 3.0

Modern tattoo chair, designed especially for you. Set it up according to your preferences and enjoy comfort and high-quality equipment for years to come. 

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3,966.75 €
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3,966.75 €
(incl. 741.75 € tax)
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Provide your clients with maximum comfort during tattoo sessions with our modern tattoo chair with electric adjustment. With the remote control, you can precisely adjust the chair's position to the client's preferences. You can work comfortably, both standing and sitting, adjusting the chair to individual needs. 

Special Features: 

Height adjustment, reclining angle of the backrest, and footrest with simple electric control. 

Made of high-quality materials. 

Easy to clean. 

Provides ergonomic work and comfort for the client. 

Cover made of durable synthetic leather. 

Designed for long-term use. 

Includes wheels for mobility. 

Precise adjustment of the chair's position is possible with four independent linear motors using a manual remote control. 

Height adjustable in the range of approximately 55-95 centimeters. 

The tattoo chair consists of an electrically adjustable frame, an adjustable backrest with a comfortable face opening, and two adjustable footrests. The set also includes detachable armrests, an adjustable and detachable headrest, and a head cushion. Electric adjustment is smooth and quiet. 

Thanks to smooth height adjustment, you can work comfortably, both standing and sitting, adjusting the height to individual needs. 

Detachable armrests make it easier for the client to get on and off and increase your workspace. 

Available only on order, waiting time up to 8 weeks. 

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