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KWADRON Tattoo Equipment Case

The KWADRON tattoo equipment case is the perfect solution for tattoo artists who frequently travel. With it, your favorite machine, cartridges, and set of favorite inks will be safe and always within reach. 

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49.75 €
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If you often travel or simply like to have essential tattoo equipment in one place, then the KWADRON case is ideal for you. Despite its compact size, it's remarkably spacious. You can fit your favorite machine, a pack of cartridges or power supply, and a set of 24 inks with a 30 ml capacity inside. Well-fitted foam prevents the equipment from shifting inside the case, while a sturdy lockable casing protects the contents from damage or adverse weather conditions. A strong handle and shoulder strap make it easy to travel with your most important equipment for guest visits to studios or conventions. 

The case can accommodate: 

 - 24 inks with a 30 ml capacity 

 - Tattoo machine 

 - Pack of cartridges or power supply 

Dimensions: 33 cm x 22 cm x 12.5 cm 

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