Biotat Natural Tattoo Numbing Snow Foam Cleanser 200ml

Numbing Care Foam from Biotat.

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Numbing Care Foam from Biotat.

Ideal for the final cleansing of the skin after the tattooing process. It will remove ink residue and plasma. The foam has been specially created to reduce redness and alleviate pain. It possesses gentle numbing properties thanks to clove oil, honey, and lavender. It acts soothingly and disinfects. Furthermore, it should be applied both during and after the tattooing process to alleviate and minimize redness on the irritated skin and provide relief to tired skin.

FOR ARTISTS: Ideal for the final cleansing of the skin, with additional benefits of numbing the area and effectively reducing swelling and redness.

FOR POST-PROCEDURE CARE: Shake well and apply 1–2 times daily.

CONTAINS: Clove oil, Glycerin, Honey, Organic soap, Lavender, Demineralized water.

WARNINGS: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water if contact occurs. In case of ingestion, seek medical advice. Discontinue use if any skin reaction occurs. Do not use if allergic to eugenol.

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