BEAD PRO - Rotary stool Premium Black

The Leather Bead PRO cosmetic stool is an exceptional model from the PRO series, designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. Perfect for tattoo studios.

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261.25 €
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261.25 €
(incl. 48.85 € tax)
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The Leather Bead PRO cosmetic stool is one of the ten perfectly designed models from the PRO series. Each of them has a different structure and shape, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and working style best. Made of high-quality materials, including genuine leather, it ensures trouble-free use for many years.

The Bead PRO cosmetic stool stands out with its special seat that promotes optimal distribution of body weight and ensures correct pelvic alignment. Equipped with specially contoured backrest, it provides support to your spine during the longest sessions. The stool is fully adjustable - you can set the optimal angle of the backrest and the height of both the backrest and the seat.

Thanks to the use of genuine leather, the level of comfort during work is incomparably higher compared to other similar stools and cosmetic chairs. It is also characterized by an exceptionally comfortable seat made of special foam.

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