Equaliser Fox

Achieve new levels of precision and versatility with the EQUALISER FOX tattoo machine. This innovative machine is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding tattooers. Adaptable to all types of cartridges. Discover the details that make the EQUALISER FOX an extraordinary tool in the tattoo world.

  • Manufacturer: Equaliser
  • Product code: MSE2G-P
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282.90 €
(incl. 52.90 € tax)
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Robust and aesthetic design of the tattoo machine

The drive system used allows the machine to be used for all types of cartridges. Universal clamp allows the use of both disposable tubes, and Hawk type tubes. Made of the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum, CNC 3D machined, color anodized. The FOX EQUALISER allows you to make every line and detail with precision. It will allow you to have full control over the tattoo creation process, regardless of the style or technique you choose. 

Reliable motor in tattoo machine

The machine is equipped with a powerful motor that ensures reliable and smooth operation. You have full control over the settings and can adjust the voltage to suit your needs. Whether you are working on a small design or a large project, this motor will provide you with enough power and performance to achieve the best results. 

The use of an RCA jack on the EQUALISER FOX guarantees a reliable connection and stable power transmission. This means you can focus on your work without worrying about any interference or power interruption. 

Lightweight tattoo machine and work comfort

EQUALISER FOX is very light - it weighs only 125 g. As a result, you can work for long hours without feeling fatigue or discomfort. A big plus is the ergonomic shape, thanks to which the machine fits perfectly in the hand. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, the machine works practically without vibration. It combines precision, performance and versatility. Thanks to its excellent performance, sturdy construction and aesthetic appearance, the EQUALISER FOX becomes an indispensable tool for any tattoo artist who wants to create unique tattoos. Regardless of your style or technique, the EQUALISER FOX will allow you to work comfortably. 

Professional rotary machine for tattooing

With the EQUALISER FOX, tattoo creation will jump to another level. The machine's robust design and versatility has attracted many a discerning tattoo artist. Regardless of style or technique, the EQUALISER FOX guarantees precision and control. With a reliable motor and lightweight design, it provides unparalleled performance and comfort even during long tattooing sessions. Don't waste time looking for other tools - EQUALISER FOX is the answer to your needs.  

3.5 mm
Machine type
10 W
125 g
Operating range
5 - 10 V
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