Equaliser Fox Mini V3

FOX 3 MINI is the lightest machine in the Equaliser family. Top-quality materials and a reliable motor guarantee trouble-free operation. The ergonomic shape and super light weight make the Fox Mini the ideal tattoo machine for anyone, for any style, technique and type of work.

  • Manufacturer: Equaliser
  • Product code: MSE3B-V3
  • Status: Available
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184.50 €
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Tattoo machine light as a feather

Just 75 grams - this is the weight that the FOX Mini tattoo machine presents. It is the lightest machine in the Equaliser family. This lightweight design was achieved through a complete redesign. Although externally it might seem that the FOX Mini is just a change in appearance, in reality it is a completely new machine - lightweight, precise and multifunctional. 

Smart as a fox - That is, a versatile tattoo machine 

Compared to the previous version of the FOX 3 Mini, the machine has undergone significant improvements that make it even more versatile. Its adaptability is evident in the ability to change the stroke, three different eccentrics and four different pusher lengths. These features make it possible to mount virtually any handle available on the market, allowing any configuration of the machine. 

Minimum effort, maximum results when tattooing

The powerful, durable and reliable motor inherited from the previous version of the FOX tattoo machine remains unchanged. This motor ensures trouble-free operation with minimal effort on the part of the tattooer. With its high power, adjustable parameters and light weight, the FOX Mini is the ideal choice for tattooers working in a variety of styles and techniques. Never before has the FOX Mini been so versatile.

Precision, comfort and versatility - a machine for creative tattooers

The Equaliser FOX Mini is a timeless machine that stands out for its light weight and high working culture. It is the ideal choice for tattooists looking for precision and comfort. The Fox Mini provides unparalleled versatility and allows you to show off your creativity in a variety of styles and techniques. It doesn't matter if you're a novice tattooer or if you're experienced, the FOX Mini will provide you with excellent results. 

Machine type
4.5 W
75 g
Operating range
4 - 10 V
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