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Rotatable Tablet/iPad holder

The holder for tablets and phones with screens ranging from 4.7 to 13.5 inches, dedicated specifically for tattoo studios, is the perfect solution combining an innovative approach to the ergonomics of a tattoo artist's work with its everyday practicality and ease of use. Its main feature is the ability to fully rotate 360 degrees around the base, allowing flexible adjustment of the working angle to the artist's individual preferences.  

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29.75 €
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29.75 €
(incl. 5.56 € tax)
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In addition, the handle is distinguished by its folding function, which makes it not only a convenient, but also a practical tool. The ability to fold the holder makes it easy to store and transport, which is important both in the studio and for mobile tattoo artists working in different locations or traveling frequently.  

The sturdy design of the holder guarantees a stable hold on the tablet, even during intensive use. Special adjustment mechanisms allow the holder to adapt to different tablet models, making it versatile and compatible with many devices. 

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