Nuva Colors - Eyeliner Collection Set - 8 x 15ml (Reach Compliant)

Nuva Colors Stunning Eyes Eyeliner Set - a set of pigments for permanent eyeliner makeup

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Nuva Colors Stunning Eyes Eyeliner Set - a set of pigments for permanent eyeliner makeup 


The skin on the eyelid is particularly sensitive and vascular, so permanent eyeliner makeup requires excellent precision, experience, professional equipment, and dedicated pigments. That's why in our offer you will find the Nuva Colors Stunning Eyes pigments for eyelids, which will help you achieve the perfect shape of a permanent eyeliner in the desired colour. 


Nuva Colors pigments for permanent eyeliner makeup - the perfect accentuation 


Creating the perfect eyeliner is not an easy task. It is no wonder that women seek an alternative and opt for permanent eyeliner makeup. The procedure replaces the daily application of makeup cosmetics, so your clients can enjoy perfectly accentuated eyes. Precisely executed pigmentation can work wonders. It can visually enlarge the eyes, lift drooping eyelids, or gently emphasize the eye by thickening the upper or lower lash line. It is important to work with pigments that have optimal consistency and are easy to spread. With Nuva Colors, you gain high work comfort and excellent results. 


Eyeliner pigment - intense colour for years 


In the offer of NUVA COLOR pigments, you will find a dedicated set of colors that focuses on shades of black or brown. It works perfectly in various work techniques. It is suitable for precise drawing, such as emphasizing the lash line, upper and lower line, as well as the shading effect. 


The set includes the following (8) bottles: 

01 Triple Black 

10 Black N Purple 

11 Black N Blue 

12 Black N Green 

13 Black N Brown 

20 Brown N Black 

25 Warm Brown 

30 Golden Brown 

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