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INOX PRIME RUNIC SPARK is a wireless tattoo machine designed with simplicity and reliability in mind. The machine ensures uninterrupted and precise work for years. RUNIC SPARK is a versatile tool suitable for every style and technique. 

  • Manufacturer: Inox Prime
  • Product code: IPRS1
  • Status: Available
199.75 €
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199.75 €
(incl. 37.35 € tax)
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The latest machine from INOX PRIME can be used by any tattoo artist. With a large battery capacity and two power modules, it allows for uninterrupted work for up to 16 hours. The 3.5 mm needle stroke is universal for every style and technique. RUNIC SPARK enables both wireless and wired connections via a classic RCA jack, providing flexibility in work methods for tattoo artists. 

Thanks to the brushless coreless motor, the machine operates smoothly and quietly. Additionally, its classic design ensures hassle-free use. The two included power modules allow for continuous operation for up to 16 hours! Ensure maximum work comfort for yourself and your clients with INOX PRIME RUNIC SPARK. 

The set includes: the machine, two batteries, two cables, an RCA adapter, battery charger 


Needle stroke: 3.5 mm 

Material: Aluminum 

Connection: Wireless and wired 

Drive: Brushless coreless motor 

RPM range: 9V-10000 RPM 

Operating voltage: 5-12V 

Battery capacity: 1800 mAh 

Operating time: 6-8 hours 

Charging time: 1-2 hours 

3.5 mm
Operating range
9 V
Working time
6-8 h
Charging time
Working voltage
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