SPHARE PRO - Rotary stool Premium

Leather cosmetic stool Sphare - a unique model from the PRO series, created with comfort and efficiency in mind. It will work perfectly in a tattoo salon.

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  • Product code: KW369
  • Status: Available
249.75 €
(incl. 46.70 € tax)
249.75 €
(incl. 46.70 € tax)
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Discover one of the ten perfectly designed models of PRO series cosmetic stools. Each of them has a different structure and shape, so you can adjust it to your needs and work style. Made of high-quality materials - including genuine leather, which ensures trouble-free use for many years.

The Sphare cosmetic stool features an ergonomic half-ball saddle seat that prevents back pain caused by long hours of sitting. It effectively stimulates deep muscles, keeping the back in excellent condition. The seat of the chair is equipped with an inflatable cushion, a removable cushion that can be used as an exercise device.

Thanks to the use of genuine leather, the level of comfort during work is incomparably higher compared to other types of stools and cosmetic chairs. It also features an exceptionally comfortable seat made of special foam.

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