KWADRON Cartridge System - 0.30mm RL - Round Liner - 1pc

Kwadron RL or Round Liner - This is a cartridge with the highest level of precision available to mankind, allowing the sharpest contours and lines to be created. In Round Liner cartridges, the needles are arranged in a circular shape, centred on a point. With our cartridges, you will be able to finish your tattoo in the finest detail, adding the final details or create perfectly sharp and thin lines and contours in detailed works.

Pack of 20, price per 1 piece.

  • Manufacturer: Kwadron
  • Product code: CKD350-3
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Kwadron Round Liner Must Have in the studio!

This is the most popular size of round liner needles in our range, a timeless bestseller that has become an essential tool for the world's greatest artists. Every cartridge from Kwadron is a true synonym for precision, sharpness, which allows you to create detail and detail unattainable by other cartridge manufacturers. Cartridges in size 0.30 (#10) are sometimes referred to as Double Zeros because of the notation e.g. 1003, where 10 is the needle size and 03 is the number of needles in the cartridge. A size popular in all tattoo styles and techniques due to its versatility. The flow of ink with 0.30 mm (#10) needles is still even and controlled, allowing the creation of great detail, but not as restricted and slow as with 0.25 (#08) size needles which are more tightly soldered.

Types of Kwadron cartidges in size 0.30 mm (#10) Round liner

Kwadron cartridges in size 0.30 (#10) are available in 12 versions, depending on the number of needles you find in the cartridge. The less the number of needles, the thinner the line will be, while higher needle counts will result in thicker, more old-school lines. Kwadron Round Liner 0.30 mm (#10) comes in variations from 3 up to 18 needles per cartridge, so that you can match the right cartridge to the tattoo you are doing and the desired effect. Discover the advantages of the Kwadron Cartridge System. 

What are Kwadron cartridges made of?

The highly advanced and automated technological process used to manufacture Kwadron cartridges ensures that each cartridge is equally perfect. Our cartridges have a unique needle stabilisation system that ensures their durability and optimum performance. The cartridge housing is made of medical-grade plastic, reducing friction between needle and housing to a minimum, while the needles themselves retain their sharpness. All these features make the Kwadron Round Liners extremely precise, with stiff and focused blades. Ideal for detailed tattooing and detailing. Achieve more with Kwadron cartridges! 

Round Liner
0.30 mm
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