FK Irons ONE - Charcoal 3.0

FK Irons ONE is a highly quality tattoo machine designed for artists who strive for perfection in their work every day. It sets new standards in the world of tattooing and allows for the creation of amazing works of art on the skin. 

725.64 €
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725.64 €
(incl. 135.69 € tax)

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Precision and convenience at work

With advanced technology and experience designing and developing tattoo machines, the FK Irons ONE provides extreme precision and convenience while working. Based on wireless technology, the machine gives artists more freedom of movement. Powered by replaceable batteries, which removes any limitations and unexpected situations during tattooing.

Unique features for maximum performance:

The FK Irons ONE has a wide operating voltage range, which can be fine-tuned thanks to an LED indicator and a spectrum of colors to which voltage data is assigned (changing in 0.5V increments). All this allows artists to fully control the machine's parameters during operation in a very intuitive way

Modern ergonomic grip

The new ergonomic FK ONE grip guarantees pleasant and painless operation of the machine even during long tattooing sessions. It is compatible with all FK modular grips, including the well-known disposable grips.

Unrivaled build quality

The FK Irons ONE is the result of careful development, engineering and manufacturing in the USA. Every detail is refined with attention to the highest quality. Both the materials and technology used in the production of this tattoo machine are top-notch. FK Irons ONE is a piece of equipment you can rely on for every day of hard work.

In conclusion, the FK Irons ONE is a tattoo machine that exceeds artists' expectations. Its innovation, precision craftsmanship and unique features make it a piece of equipment that helps you achieve mastery in the art of tattooing. Whether you are an experienced artist or just starting out in tattooing, the FK Irons ONE will be your reliable partner.

The set includes:

- Travel case with protective foam

- Charger with two Panasonic 18500A batteries

- FK Irons ONE stroke 3.0 machine

3.0 mm
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