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FK Irons Darklab Refuel Charging Dock - Charger

67.59 €
(incl. 12.64 € tax)
67.59 €
(incl. 12.64 € tax)
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This innovative docking station enables the simultaneous charging and preparation of up to 2 PowerBolt batteries within 2-3 hours, eliminating excess cables. It is compatible with all PowerBolt batteries, including PowerBolt II, PowerBolt+, and PowerBolt II+ models. An LED indicator displays the battery's charging status: the LEDs light up red during charging and green once charging is complete. The non-slip pad on the bottom of the charger prevents the workstation from moving on the surface. 


compatible with all PowerBolt batteries (PB, PB+, PBII, PBII+) 

two charging ports 

LED battery level indicator 

charging time: 2-3 hours 

non-slip base 

Includes USB-C cable 

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