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EZ P3 PRO POWER PACK is an efficient power supply designed for the wireless EZ P3 PRO machine. Thanks to its intuitive design and reliability, it has become the perfect choice for every tattoo artist. 

62.25 €
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62.25 €
(incl. 11.64 € tax)
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EZ P3 PRO POWER PACK is dedicated to the wireless EZ P3 PRO machine and works perfectly with it. The exchange of the power module is extremely simple and quick – just remove the discharged module and insert a new one. The power pack has a large battery that provides up to 5 hours of continuous machine operation. Charging takes just under 2 hours. Additionally, you can adjust the voltage using the buttons on the side of the POWER PACK. 

With a focus on maximizing work comfort, the power supply is equipped with an elegant black OLED digital display. You can track key work parameters such as operating voltage, battery capacity, frequency, and working time on it. The package includes a type C cable, providing comprehensive equipment. 


Battery capacity 1600 mAh 

Recharging Time 2 hours 

Approx. Working time 4,5 hours 

Unlocked in Future Bluetooth 

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