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Unforgettable meetings, amazing atmosphere and phenomenal body art - all this is waiting for you at Tattoo Konwent. Join the community of tattoo enthusiasts and discover the extraordinary world of artistic experiences and be sure to visit our stand. You can meet us at the largest conventions in the country, such as Tattoofest in Krakow, Tattoo convention in Poznań or Warsaw Tattoo Convention, as well as abroad, for example at Gods of Ink in Frankfurt. We are not only exhibitors, but also partners and sponsors at these unique events.

Professional Products and Support for Enthusiasts

When visiting conventions, you have the opportunity to purchase unique products from Kwadron's offer at promotional prices. For people who get tattoos at conventions, this is an opportunity to learn how to properly care for your new, fresh tattoo. Kwadron products will help you keep your tattoo in perfect condition.

Here you will find a wide selection of accessories that will give you full control over the care process and the further development of your work of art on the skin. Choose from professional creams and balms that will moisturize, nourish and protect your tattoo from fading and damage.

Everything you need in one place

In addition, as exhibitors, we also offer high-quality hygiene products and products necessary to prepare your work stand. Comfort, hygiene and work safety, which are extremely important and testify to the professionalism of the artist. Take care of hygiene and disinfection by choosing specialized soaps, disinfecting preparations and cleaning agents that will help you stay clean during the tattoo process.

Each product available at Tattoo Konwentów stands has been carefully selected to provide you with the highest quality and satisfaction with your purchases. Whether you are a professional tattoo artist or a body art enthusiast, you will find everything you need to take care of your work and express yourself in the best possible way.

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