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This set of portable phone lenses is perfect for photographing tattoos and permanent makeup. The set includes a Macro lens (12.5X) and a Wide Angle lens (0.45X), allowing you to capture high-quality images both up close and from a distance. The lenses are lightweight and mobile, making them easy to carry with you at all times. They are made from durable and stylish materials such as glass, aluminum, and ABS, ensuring longevity and an elegant look. 

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12.25 €
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The Macro lens, with a diameter of 3 cm, is designed to capture fine details of tattoos and permanent makeup from a short distance. The Wide Angle lens, with a diameter of 5 cm, is ideal for photographing from a greater distance, such as group photos or landscapes. The lenses can be used simultaneously or separately to achieve the desired effect. 

The mounting clip, covered with a rubber layer, protects your phone from scratches and ensures easy and convenient attachment. The set is meticulously designed and crafted, with the lens glass coated to eliminate reflections, ghosting, flare, and other imperfections, ensuring excellent photo quality. The functional part of the clip is 1.5 cm long, which may limit compatibility with phones whose cameras are centrally located. The lens diameter is 2 cm, so devices with larger lenses may be incompatible.  

The set includes: a Wide Angle lens, a Macro lens, a mounting clip, and a durable storage bag. 

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