Microbeau Flux Mini - 3.0 mm - Champagne Gold

Microbeau Flux Min Champagne Gold is a wireless PMU machine that is 1/3 the size of the Flux S. Created for Artists who are looking for ergonomic equipment with reliable power while maintaining a small form factor.

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922.50 €
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Precision in every detail

Flux Mini Champagne Gold is a permanent makeup machine that offers incredible precision. A stroke length of 3.0 mm ensures perfect pigment placement, while the intuitive controls allow for even more sensitive and precise adjustments during PMU procedures. Whether you are a beginner artist or an experienced professional, the Flux Mini Champagne Gold will allow you to achieve perfect results.

Comfortable and lightweight design

The Flux Mini Champagne Gold is the ideal machine for artists who need comfort and lightness when working. Weighing just 106 g, it is easy to manoeuvre and provides less hand fatigue during longer permanent makeup sessions. In addition, the perfectly shaped handle ensures a stable grip and precise guidance of the machine.

Elegant design

The Flux Mini Champagne Gold is not only a tool for your work, but also a beautiful decoration in your studio. The gold finish makes this machine look sleek and stylish, while the finely crafted casing adds a unique touch. If you're looking for something that will stand out from other PMU tools, the Flux Mini Champagne Gold is sure to meet your expectations.


Stroke: 3.0 mm

Weight: 106 g

Handle: 26-19 mm

Power supply: 5–10 V

Made in USA

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3.0 mm
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