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Group Seminar in Colorful Tattooing - Alex Zakharov x Kwadron

This seminar is not just about learning - it's an inspiring journey through the world of realistic color tattooing. Join us and discover how Alex Zakharov creates his unique works, and gain knowledge that can enrich your own artistic projects.

The seminar will be conducted in Polish.

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Organizational details

Date: 31.08-01.09.2024 

Place: "Hotel Ferreus Modern Art Deco" 6 Mikołaja Kopernika Street, 31-034 Kraków 

Special offer from the Hotel for participants: 20% discount on the password "KWADRON" when booking a room through direct contact with the Hotel. 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet Alex Zakharov and learn the secrets of his masterful tattoo art!

Brief info on Alex

Alex is a talented tattoo artist whose passion for art developed from an early age. Since childhood, he has been fascinated by drawing and painting, which soon became an integral part of his life. Although he studied fine arts, it wasn't until four years ago that he decided to start a career in tattooing. 

He specializes in realism and surrealism, areas that allow him to create exceptional and unique works on the body. Over the past two years, Alex has gained recognition at numerous tattoo conventions, both in Poland and abroad.

For Alex, tattooing is not just a job - it's a way of expressing himself and realizing his dreams. Each tattoo he creates is a unique art form that tells a personal story. 

Awards and prizes

His work has received numerous awards - he has already won about 50 prestigious awards, including: 

"Best of Show" at "Gods of Ink" in Frankfurt - the most important award for the best tattoo at the entire convention. 

2nd place in the realistic tattoo category at "Gods of Ink" in Frankfurt - an honorable mention for extreme precision and realism. 

"Best of Show" and 1st place at the Rotterdam convention - top honors for exceptional talent and artistry. 

2nd place in the realistic tattoo category at the Milano Tattoo Convention - recognition for mastery of realistic tattooing. 

Day 1: Inspiration and Project Preparation

Introduction and Self-Presentation: 

Alex will talk about his artistic path, inspirations and experiences that shaped his style. You'll learn his story and how he went from fine art to tattoo mastery. 

Design Creation Process: 

Discuss the design process: What graphic programs and techniques does Alex use to create his designs? What works and artists inspire him? 

Choosing themes and inspiration: How does Alex choose motifs for his tattoos? How does he draw inspiration from the surrounding world and art? 

Working with clients: You'll learn how to conduct consultations to create a personalized tattoo design that meets the client's expectations. 

Influence of Famous Artists on Realistic Tattooing: 

Analyze how the work of famous artists contributes to the development of the realistic style in tattooing. What techniques and elements does Alex borrow from the works of the masters? 

Selection of Tools and Materials: 

Needles, Machines and Inks: What are the best tools for creating realistic color tattoos? Alex will discuss his preferences and experiences. 

The Importance of Color: How can colors be used to create depth, perspective and realism? An analysis of the use of colors in creating the impression of space and vitality in tattooing will be presented. 

Photography of Works: 

How do you best photograph your tattoos to capture their details and convey the fullness of their beauty? Alex will share his photography techniques. 

Open Discussion Forum: 

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns or thoughts. This is a time to interact with Alex and the other participants. 

Beginning Tattoo Work: 

Alex will demonstrate how he prepares the calc and secures the tattoo before the second day of the seminar. You will have the opportunity to see how he starts working on his project. 

Day 2: Technique and Practice

Summary of the First Day: 

A brief discussion of the highlights from the first day. Participants will be able to ask additional questions and complete their notes. 

Selection of Materials and Tools: 

A detailed discussion of the tools and materials Alex uses. What are his favorite brands and why does he choose specific products? 

Technique Demonstration: 

Alex will demonstrate his tattooing techniques live, discussing each step of the process. From skin preparation to final touches, you'll learn how to achieve the perfect result. 

Theory in Practice: 

Practical application of the techniques discussed. Participants will be able to observe Alex at work and learn how theory translates into real-world action. 

Tattooing on a Model: 

Alex will be tattooing a live model, showing how he creates his unique pieces. This is a unique chance to see the master in action. 

Q&A Throughout the Day: 

Throughout the day, Alex will answer questions from attendees, explain techniques and share his insights. 

If you want to explore the secrets of tattoo art, be inspired by the works of an outstanding artist and learn from the best, this seminar is for you! Join us and discover how to turn your passion into real masterpieces. 

The seminar will be conducted in Polish.  

The expected duration of the seminar: on Saturday from 09:00 to 19:00, on Sunday from 09:00 to 20:00. 

For more information, feel free to contact us on Instagram: kwadron_workshop

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