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CHEYENNE SOL NOVA 3.5 mm - New Version

New Cheyenne Sol Nova - The shortest and quietest pen-shaped tattoo machine. It guarantees very quiet operation with minimal vibrations. It has a new, powerful, brushless motor. Sol Nova is relatively short, with most of its weight shifted to the front. 

  • Manufacturer: Cheyenne
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798.27 €
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New version of the Cheyenne Sol Nova machine

Cheyenne Sol Nova - a new version of the lightweight yet powerful pen-shaped tattoo machine. It guarantees very quiet operation with minimal vibration. It has a powerful brushless motor. The Sol Nova is relatively short and most of its weight is shifted forward, making it a perfectly balanced machine for optimal control and accuracy.  

It has a 3.5mm stroke, and is ideal for lines as well as shading. The frequency of the machine: 25 - 150 Hz - making it ideal for a wide range of styles.

Key features of the tattoo machine:

Ergonomic design and perfect balance 

Extremely powerful motor with three different modes (2 responsive modes with two different wattages, as well as a stable mode for a constant stroke rate) 

Powerful brushless motor 

Operating frequency: 25 - 150 Hz - ideal for a wide range of styles 

Operating voltage: 4.7-12.6 V DC 

Dimensions (Ø X L): 33 x 99 mm 

Weight: 150 g 

Stroke of 3.5 mm - suitable for lines and shading 

Adjustable needle advance (0 - 4.0 mm) 

Supplied in a sturdy Cheyenne carrying case 

3.5 mm
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