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Stigma-Rotary® Jet Machine

  • Kod: MS07-1J
  • Dostępność: jest
  • Cena netto: 1 300,00 zł1 462,60 zł
  • (Cena brutto: 1 599,00 zł)
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The Jet is a hybrid machine accommodating both standard needles and Stigma cartridges. Please note that a wide range of brand new Stigma cartridges with over 70 configurations will be available August 2016! Stigma cartridges are unique and completely different to any other cartridge on the market.

For reference, the Jet machine is also pictured here with the Stigma Aluminium Click Grip in black / red. Additionally, it is also pictured with a standard needle and tube, to show how it can work with both, being hybrid.

The Jet is an all-purpose machine with a fixed 4.5 Watt Swiss motor and 3.5mm stroke.
The Jet is solid hitting with no give or adjustment.

This machine is for artists who like a fixed solid hit and simplicity!

Key Features

    Works with standard needles and Stigmas new Advanced, dual sealed Cartridge System
    4.5 Watt Swiss Motor and 3.5mm stroke
    Solid hit
    Easy set up